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We’ve been sharing from time-to-time as we monitor the new home construction at this Waldo residence …
This project has utilized an exterior ProgressWEBCAM watching the exterior construction, PLUS an I-N-T-E-R-I-O-R ProgressWEBCAM providing updates of the main living & kitchen area enclosure & finishing.  View the results in this Time-lapse VIDEO!  This combination permits the contractor [in this case, Catalyst Construction] and their team an opportunity to check jobsite conditions and progress to help coordinate activities throughout the build.  This same approach is ideal for commercial contractors on larger project sites; when the building structure is enclosed, you retain the ability to get updates and monitor progress inside, too, from the comfort of your office (computer) or even your phone.

There is a security aspect to our ProgressWEBCAM Systems that is requested more and more often, as was the case at this residence for the outdoor unit.  With SecurityCAM programming the rear of the site was monitored 24/7, while a motion activated flood light was triggered when ‘visitors’ entered the site, warning them that their arrival had been detected.  This action alone discouraged people from passing thru the construction site after business hours, as you can see from the inset video.

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