Installing our LED-FLOOD System for motion detection and strobe alert 24/7-365


Our clients often inquire about job site security, when we are coordinating the installation and start-up of a ProgressWEBCAM Site-Monitoring System on their project. Whether you want to see what’s happening RIGHT NOW at your site, or are seeking a calendar ARCHIVE of snapshots (pics) showing what happened at any given point in the build, or perhaps need to see a detailed video recording of who was on site recently, and what they did while they were there – our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Systems deliver.

Our ProgressWEBCAM Security Site-Monitoring with motion detecting LED FLOODS will discourage intruders, and can be programmed to record any “visitors”.  Our FLOODLIGHT trailers are sized and priced for dedication to your field office trailer and lay-down or equipment storage areas.  Have a LOOK!

In the past, there were few options, as the two systems (monitoring VS security) function very differently and the technology to combine them was still developing. However, in recent years, both equipment and our expertise have advanced to a point that we can add a layer of security “on top” of the monitoring … offering our clients a new level of access to photos and videos that record activity at remote construction, remodel, staging, storage, and field office locations – virtually anywhere!

Remote is the key word here. We typically install our systems well before activity is in full swing, so we can begin creating a total-build Time-lapse Video. That often means our equipment is there long before electrical power and internet service have arrived. That often means there is not yet any lighting at the site, or perhaps there never will be if your field office is ‘backwoods’ remote. Those security questions that often come up led us to develop a FLOOD Lighting System that mounts to our small-footprint trailers, operating 24/7-365 on the solar-recharged batteries within, to provide dusk-to-dawn motion-activated lighting that will aid your crews after hours or discourage uninvited visitors with a unmistakable announcement that their presence has been detected.  See the system at work in this DEMO VIDEO.

Add one of our basic still-frame ProgressWEBCAM units to that trailer and you gain wide-angle photo & video recording capabilities that you will be alerted to, or you can access on demand in order to monitor your site and assets. We can now deliver on those site monitoring inquiries with an additional level of security, and lighting, too. Don’t just think commercial building projects – this is equally valuable for large & small residential building sites.

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