I-N-T-E-R-I-O-R ProgressWEBCAM Applications


Watch our “set-up” for a new INTERIOR TIME-LAPSE!

This photo of one of our ProgressWEBCAM INTERIOR UNITS reminds you that we install our systems to monitor INTERIOR spaces, too.  Site monitoring on construction projects offers more value to contractors, as they fill the need to know what activities are going on – in real time – at the build site, after the structure is enclosed.  Don’t just think about commercial construction, either; residential building supervision calls for the same – if not more – site activity monitoring.  Who’s on site? How big is their crew? Who arrived late or left early?  Were the materials delivered?  Is that portion of work finished?  … questions like these can often be answered thru remote site monitoring … saving trips and reducing frequency of site visits.  Add a layer of security, with motion detection and infrared night vision, and you have 24/7 monitoring – in addition to a calendar archive of PICS taken during the work day.

An often overlooked value of a ProgressWEBCAM System is the professionally edited marketing-quality Time-lapse Video we create from the daily images captured throughout the build.  These short videos showcase what you have created, and present months of work in minutes & seconds; a great presentation to current and prospective customers via your website or social media platforms.   

Once the structure is enclosed, there is a lot of work going on – INSIDE – that you will not be able to see.  Well, you can with a ProgressWEBCAM Interior unit in place.   With both exterior & interior Time-lapse Videos, you can now see the whole picture, in addition to the monitoring benefits during construction.  Learn more about our INTERIOR ProgressWEBCAM Systems right here on our website;  CLICK HERE.

Once a little time has passed on this project, and we’ve collected more images of the interior crews at work, we’ll share our initial Time-lapse Video.  Have a look at this example of a commercial lobby completion;  LOBBY BUILD-OUT.

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