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Despite a long list of clients served by P-Tn over the decades, it is worth noting that we have not met many of our clients face-to-face.  So much business is conducted over the phone, or via email, that personal interaction with our clients is often lost in the process.  Even a ZOOM meeting falls far short of an actual one-on-one conversation.  Whenever we do have the rare opportunity to visit our clients at their offices (or in the field, of course – which does happen far more often), we make a point to thank them for the opportunity.  Our services, frankly, are not the biggest items on a building project list.  For that reason, having a conversation about our contribution to the project is highly valued.

On occasion, we have an opportunity to meet in person with a group of management employees from one of our clients.  This allows us to review the services we are presently providing, and make suggestions on how we might improve those services.  More importantly, the discussion can explore the other Visual Documentation services we offer, and find additional ways we might benefit the project team.  We recently had just such a meeting with Titan Built – one of our many long-time valued clients.

What do we share at a P-Tn meeting or presentation? 
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Our presentation and discussion with Titan Built staff reviewed the UAS-Drone Aerial Progress Reporting services we have provided for years on their construction projects.  Showing additional drone aerial capabilities opened the door to a multi-faceted conversation that included aerial panoramas, site mapping and modeling, data collection, aerial marketing imagery, and more.  In the process, we were able to introduce our capabilities with total-building photo/video coverage, owner training audio-video recording, closeout document management, and iPlanTables Interactive Workstations for active-construction management and facilities management by the new building owner.

We touch on ProgressWEBCAMS for site-monitoring, and security options, plus the production of marketing quality Time-Lapse Videos of the entire build, along with our marketing photography & videography … even our services for helping clients with web development and maintenance get a mention once the conversation expands.  We had a similar experience this past year with our decades-long client, L.G. Barcus & Sons; their great management team and our staff discovered new ways of successfully collaborating.  We expanded aerial services, added more ProgressWEBCAMS with Time-Lapse videos, and we managed their website rebuild – learn more.

We always gain a far better understanding of our clients’ needs, which we then apply to improving our field and production work.  In addition, our clients are exposed to the many (more) services we are able to provide – typically far beyond what we may have been delivering.  The process also introduces us to new & developing ways that we might expand our capabilities going forward.

Combine those three notions, and it becomes a win-win for all involved.

Visiting our (newly refreshed) website at P-Tn.com is the best initial step in bringing existing clients, prospective clients, and our staff together in ways that will benefit all of us.  The next step is always a personal phone call or email to any of our team to ask the questions – any questions — you have that might be something we can address or assist with.  If we cannot, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.  If a meeting at your office or project site will allow us all to share needs & capabilities, just say the word and we’ll make it happen.  Whether scheduling an online webinar to answer your questions about iPlanTables Wide-format Workstations or arranging a ZOOM or personal presentation of our ground-level or drone-aerial photographic & video offerings, or delivery and hosting of a ProgressWEBCAM DEMO at your project site … let’s make the effort to get our people together and explore the benefits it will deliver.

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