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Here is an example of what we call a “Video Marketing Short”.  We’re creating more and more of these unique presentations for our clients – after producing many such videos that concentrate on imagery from our creative UAS-Drone flights.  Video has become very popular with all businesses that want to make an impression, and want to do so in a matter of a minute or two.  Motion – alone – has the potential to attract far greater attention than a single, still photo. 

Much of our work is field or “location” shooting on active construction projects and other process or fabricating sites.  We combine both still photography and videography (with audio) to showcase your team.  We capture people at work and equipment in operation, with narration or supporting interviews from key office or design personnel.  All these components are edited together to tell a story … about your firm, your key employees, your unique skills or processes, or your unique & special project successes.  We’ll plan, we’ll shoot, we’ll edit, and we’ll deliver a ready-to-post video that shares your accomplishments, and will help you find new prospects. 

There’s more to editing than just putting some footage together, in order.  Keep these thoughts in mind.  We can include still photographs in video edits, even giving them a sense of motion.  Those photos can (if the quality is good) be photographs from your files and archives, or your own field personnel.  Video can be from other sources, too.  Learn a bit more about our editing services, and see a few other examples, HERE.

Have a look at this example of a PROMOTIONAL VIDEO;  Rockwool Residential Insulation
We have more of these ‘SHORTS’ to share, and we’ll add links to new ones from time to time, so watch for new posts or content.  If you have a story you’d like to tell, and everyone does, give us a call and let’s discuss your idea. 

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