VIDEO is a powerful, and therefore more popular, approach to sharing imagery of business activities and accomplishments.

Our services have expanded exponentially in recent years.  The Pre-Construction and Post-Construction VIDEO documentation we’ve produced for decades is still a mainstay of our construction services, delivered digitally thru our LINKINGapp.  But with the advent of our UAS-Drone services we are creating more and more video footage of construction sites, plus many other assignments that call for more than still photos alone.  Our editing capabilities and the skill of our video editing team, equips us to deliver marketing quality VIDEOS for our clients.   The examples we linked to above are typical ‘shorts’ featuring finished projects, special events or activities, or promotions for businesses or company services, letting you deliver an eye-catching message to clients via social media posting, website pages, or in-office flat screen displays in your lobby or conference room.
Watch this PCC SPORTS marketing video.

We also create VIDEO Time-lapse “movies” from our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring System captures, illustrating a multi-month or multi-year building project in a matter of minutes.  These, too, are edited to marketing quality, suitable for online posting in promotional campaigns.
Here’s a resurfaced: BASEBALL FIELD

Perhaps you need “better” editing from a video you’ve received thru a non-pro, or perhaps you simply need your own company’s video footage or still photos edited to a level that you can utilize online or for internal presentations.  We can help!  Our own P-Tn Online PORTFOLIO  includes a wide range of photos & video clips.