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We’ve created many, and we’re sharing just a preview slideshow in this image.  To see more P-Tn Time-Lapse VIDEOS, make a selection from the list below, and click to view!

The ‘other’ reason for utilizing a P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Site-Monitoring System on your construction project site is to have our team create a marketing quality Time-Lapse VIDEO of the entire build.  In addition to the advantages of gaining online access to daily captured PICS of the job site, and building a calendar archive of those photos, with the option of security monitoring . . . the ‘other reason’ is to gain a Time-Lapse Video we will edit for you.  It will become a valuable tool in marketing your capabilities to prospective clients, as well as giving the new building owner a video of the entire build that they can share with their associates. 

If needed, we can create a time-lapse video of a “short-lived” field activity.  The event doesn’t have to be a months-long building project.  Some processes take only a few days, a couple of weeks, or just a month or two.  These are candidates for a marketing or promotional time-lapse, too.  Sometimes, we are able to capture images more frequently on a short-term project, producing a more detailed video in the end.  Consider the impact of recording the demolition of a structure or tower, removal or installation of heavy equipment, finishing a building exterior, or completion of a large interior space.  Opportunities are everywhere. 

You will want to give some thought to the final result BEFORE you start the TIME-Lapse image capture.  Camera location, composition angle, sun or other lighting throughout the event, and the lens used to capture the images are all important factors to consider.  Objectives – no shots into the sun all day long; no out-of-level horizons; no obstacles blocking your view; think about what conditions may change over the course of a year?  There are logistical limitations at any field location or job site, and our crew will help sort those out, to help ensure the best result is achieved in the end. 

Our Pan-Tilt-Zoom and super-wide-angle cameras can capture most any situation, and our Solar Powered Small-footprint (T-M-S) Trailers can be positioned most anywhere, eliminating the need for installing electrical lines and installation/removal of mounting poles. 

At P-Tn, we do more than capture images (PICS) with our ProgressWEBCAM.  We EDIT the job.  We’ll select the ‘best’ images to tell your story, remove the ‘outtakes’ from rain days, stabilize the final selection of images, and polish off the video with titling, your company logo, and background music.  In the end, you have a professional video that you will want to share with your team, the owner, and prospective new customers.  

To see more P-Tn Time-Lapse VIDEOS, make a selection from the list below, and click to view!   

We’ll add more in the future, so visit us again! 

New Time-lapse VIDEOS!
Football Field Turf INSTALLATION – Tipton, Indiana.
One-Day Water Tower DEMOLITION  Euclid, OHIO
Street Water Main Pipeline Installation in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
AMES, IOWA Electrical TURBINE Refurbishment
RESIDENTIAL HOME Demo & New Construction (+ drone aerials)
House in the Woods NEW HOME BUILD

New(er) Time-lapse VIDEOS!
House in the WoodsNEW HOME BUILD

FIRST P-Tn ProgressCAMovie EVER! Captured in 1999.
Residential House DEMOLITION for new home build.

Semi Oldies!
KIT BOND BRIDGE over the Missouri River
LOGISTICS PARK Warehouse Construction

Classics & Recent Projects!
Water Treatment Plant LIME FEED Building
CERNER CAMPUS  Initial Building Construction Phase
William Chrisman BASEBALL FIELD TURF Replacement

Seriously . . . there has to be a project coming up that would provide a great subject for P-Tn to create a TIME-Lapse VIDEO that you will be able to utilize for years to come, promoting what you do. 

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