Photographer wearing construction hard hat near railroad crossing in rural area | P-Tn


No… I do not work for the Railroad.  However, P-Tn provides services that impact Railroad work, and many other industries.  As we provide photo/video documentation to our long list of construction & engineering clients, work on or near bridges and railroads inevitably comes into play.  

One of our oldest and most valued clients specializes in bridge construction, including railroad bridge new construction and repair.  That work brings P-Tn into the mix for PRE-Construction documentation of access routes, staging areas, construction zones & work areas, and sometimes in very hard-to-reach locations.  We also provide real-time Site Monitoring for office management staff and field crews through our ProgressWEBCAM Systems, using our small footprint solar powered trailers, with wireless broadband, to handle those remote sites.  Remember that our ProgressWEBCAMS also allow us to build Time-lapse Videos of this specialized work, or showing standard builds of other structures over time; these are great tools for construction procedure evaluation, and for marketing activities.    

This photo of yours truly and a (moving, yes it was moving, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y) BNSF Freight Train Engine was taken at a rural crossing after P-Tn made our small contribution to video documentation of the area after a derailment incident.  We have provided limited services in this arena for a number of years, as well as documentation of other sites and situations for legal records and court presentations.  The value of a “third party professional photographer” capturing and providing photographs and/or video imagery, whether from the ground or air, is significant … especially when other ‘evidence’ is provided by the parties directly involved in the event.  This principal is all too important in our construction progress reporting, too – which has been the bedrock of our Visual Documentation for FIFTY years – as we are able to deliver an ‘official’ record that forms a base, and therefore supports other supporting information in the event of a dispute. Learn more about when it’s important to add visual documentation services to your project records. 

We enjoy working in unusual environments to deliver photo/video documentation to clients in many different industries, from real estate development, to construction & engineering, to legal, design, and other specialties.  On the ground and from the air, or through web camera monitoring. Keep us in mind if you have any of these needs, or if you need professional quality marketing photography or videos! 

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