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P-Tn Visual Documentation Services include three basic groups.  PHOTO is about using traditional photography, or still image capture.  We are professional photographers, so we are all about taking pictures – lot’s of them!
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Over the years (nearly FIVE decades and counting…) we have developed a specialized business niche in heavy construction and engineering-design industries.  Starting with Pre and Post-Construction photography of existing conditions along pipeline routes or street improvement projects, we also provide construction ProgressPHOTOS from ground and air, 360-degree PANOS, Owner Training videos, as well as Post-Construction or finished project “final” photography.  We also deliver a variety of non-construction photography, such as drone or aircraft aerials, architectural, marketing, candid portraiture, and other still imagery.
Don’t forget to have P-Tn document the HAUL ROUTES to and from your project site.

WHEN TO ADD Visual Documentation to your project records:

— PRIOR TO START-UP, we’ll show PRE-CONSTRUCTION existing conditions at the site and on/in adjacent structures or landscape improvements.
— PRIOR to DEMOLITION, we record existing conditions to show before/after views, and document PRE-EXISTING DAMAGE, before commencement of construction.
— PERIODIC (bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly) ProgressPHOTO  documentation provides a visual file of the build for press releases, internal reporting, investor sharing, and permanent history archives.  We are now producing this documentation as UAS-DRONE AERIAL IMAGING!
— AFTER CITY BUILDING INSPECTIONS, but before enclosure of walls/ceilings, we document the M-E-P In-WALL or As-BUILT ARCHIVES to show mechanical-electrical-plumbing systems within the wall framing and/or above the drop-ceiling.
— A PRE-OCCUPANCY PhotoWALKTHRU  records the entire interior and exterior of the structure, showing the finished condition of all spaces, exterior facades, roof, and landscape.
— AT START-UP, we also suggest videotaping all Equipment OWNER TRAINING SESSIONS, for review by facilities maintenance staff as a reference for years to come.

As digital technology advanced so dramatically in the last two decades, we have moved from traditional film capture, and are now working completely in all-digital technology for capture and delivery of our imagery, using our LINKINGapp system!