panoramic view of construction work at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City Missouri


Did you click on READ MORE? . . . We’ve been mentioning our FREE AERIAL PANORAMA FLIGHTS to introduce you to an economical entry into aerial construction progress documentation.  We can shoot yours any time of year, anywhere in the Kansas City Metro area.  Have a look thru the link below;  the project in this example was on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City!  We don’t require an active construction site . . . perhaps you’d like to see a construction project site or pipeline route before work even gets underway.  How about a few views of your future real estate development site?  How valuable would it be to have an aerial view of the construction zones during the bidding/estimating process?  There are a number of applications for the information recorded in our AERIAL 360-PANOS, and remember that they are interactive – pan & zoom throughout the field of view;  you can count 2×4 lumber on the ground below you!

Visit a “set” of P-Tn AERIAL 360-PANORAMAS thru this LINK.  See the scale and scope of view you gain from this low-altitude vantage point.  Use your mouse to click between these three linked PANOS, then pan & zoom throughout to appreciate the depth and detail of information available.

So, “what do you get for FREE in the Construction Industry”?  You get your first P-Tn AERIAL PANORAMA at a local (Kansas City Metro) site of your choice, and the second PANO at half price, if you’d like an opposing view.  Give us a call to schedule yours, and then you decide if this technology will save $$ on your next project.

Use PANOS to share what you’re doing while you’re getting the job done, and then be sure to document the completed facility with aerial stills & video when you are finished.  Our AERIAL 360-PANORAMAS are a great way to begin utilizing aerial photography to monitor your project’s construction progress.  Visit our blog to read more in our article, PANORAMIC VIEWS of JOB PROGRESS – FREE.

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