We’ve been asking, “What do You Get for FREE in the Construction Industry?”

Click READ MORE and HAVE A LOOK at the perspective which P-Tn UAS-Drone Aerial Progress Reporting delivers for construction progress. A birds-eye view of your site with a full view in all directions.  High resolution detail below and throughout, with panning in all directions.  ZOOM into the image for close review; you can count 2×4’s on the ground!  This vantage point – above your construction zone – is ideal for progress documentation recording on large & small sites to show overall progress, plus available space for materials and equipment storage and other logistics.

Surprisingly … this is the most economical approach for delivering aerial construction progress documentation.  The ‘FREE’ part is very simple; we currently offer clients one initial Aerial 360 PANORAMA of one active Kansas City Metro construction or development site!  F-R-E-E!

Go hands-on by visiting this interactive P-Tn 360 AERIAL PANORAMA of a completed storm sewer project in Johnson County.  The red dots permit you to jump to an adjacent panorama on the same project; we can create and connect as many aerial PANOS as needed to cover large sites or pipeline & street improvement projects.

This same approach delivers a tremendous estimating advantage by facilitating evaluation of construction routes for pipelines & roadways for pre-construction site conditions in the pre-bid stage.  Give some thought to having P-Tn deliver site PANOS for you to use while calculating bid numbers, and then carry them thru to pre-construction planning for staging and storage, or other site mobilization logistics.

Here’s another PANORAMA near the Kansas City Country Club Plaza, showing early project utility relocation work for the Kansas City Streetcar project.  Remember – it’s interactive; use your cursor to pan and zoom throughout the image!

Our first PANORAMA for you is FREE – no obligation; just an opportunity to see the advantages for yourself, on your own local project.  If you want multiple panorama coverage on a larger site, we’ll DISCOUNT any additional PANOS you need.  Call our professional staff to discuss or schedule your FREE P-Tn AERIAL PANORAMA!

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