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We’ve been ‘doing’ construction progress documentation for 50 years – FIFTY!  Not the same project, of course … but some form of progress recording none-the-less.  Today, we utilize UAS-Drone technology to record field conditions and activities.  Fifty years ago it was all handled with medium-format cameras shooting black & white film to make 8×10 prints.  There are a variety of approaches available to our A / E / C [architecture / engineering / construction] clients now-a-days, and we offer many, including drone aerials.  Sometimes we fly our drone at really low altitudes to show what’s happening, or happened, up close.  HAVE A LOOK!  These same flights create the basis for marketing and promotional photos or videos, too!

Let P-Tn create a periodic construction progress documentation record … whether ground photos or video, or using our ProgressWEBCAM Online Monitoring Systems, or flying your site or construction route with one of our drones.  This will provide you with an ‘official’ professional-quality record of site activities, should any questions or disputes arise; it’s less expensive than you may think.  After you’re done, let’s create a short marketing video to show what you’ve accomplished – to share on social media or your website.  We’ll even help you with those social media posts, bring your neglected website back to life, or build a brand new one from scratch!

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