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We mentioned creating some GROUP Portraits this spring & summer.  Now we’re sharing just a few of our individual shots that are sometimes requested when we handle more extensive field photography.  On-location headshots might be situated in an office, like the LG Barcus staff photos for their website contact page.  Or at a project location, such as these shots of Catalyst Construction’s owners, Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook. Both approaches capture the important people in your business, doing the work they do, in the environment where they get things done.

We also have had the opportunity to photograph the crew members who get the “heavy-lifting” done in-the-field, where so much of the work in any business happens … often being accomplished without fanfare or even the opportunity to see it happen.  It’s obvious who these crew members work for from the JM Fahey logo in each shot, when we took some individual photos as we photographed Fahey crews work on cold milling, paving, and other projects around the KC metro.  These truly ‘on-location’ pictures are great additions to social media posts, website pages, office displays, and gifting to those people who make it happen every day.  I have often been asked if I could provide an extra print from a field photograph, to one of the workers involved in a process we’re shooting, so they can share with their wife, kids, and family.  So many people are unable to share what they do each day with their own families – for many reasons – but often simply because the environment in which they work is far from ideal for inviting family to share lunch.

Not kidding here … a photo illustrating the hard-working people who keep our country running & growing are treasures to share wherever possible.  Our P-Tn photographers are often in those environments, along with those crews – how about capturing quality photos of those workers at work, and including them in your marketing?

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