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So, is this your company’s team?  Just for grins, let us know if you think it is … or let us know if you’ve got a team that wants a group portrait!  We shot this fine looking group recently for (obviously) a Kansas City Metro area construction company – a fine looking & colorful group of people.

“Family” portraits like this are great for recording business milestones or special events and make for excellent social media features or website posting.  They also offer possibilities for display on the lobby flat screen or wall display prints anywhere in the office or conference.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to get a professional group shot of the group [or perhaps individual headshots of the team members doing what they do each day] . . . it’s a challenge to get your team together in one place a one time, so a little planning is in order – we captured this big group with the use of one of our drones!

Do you recognize this team of employee-owners at MegaKC in Kansas City, Missouri?  Learn more about this group of people, and their commercial construction company at their WEBSITE!

Let us print or frame that shot once it’s been captured; GIVE THIS SOME THOUGHT!

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