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This project is approaching the ‘finish line’ and we’re sharing a look down the final stretch.  We’ve been employing a P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM throughout this build to capture images for a full-length Time-Lapse Video.  In addition, we’ve captured periodic aerial views of milestones, our Drones and professional pilots.  The end result – to-date – is a video from demolition to pre-landscape, which you can view HERE! We hope to add a few exterior views once the landscaping is complete, but this Time-Lapse tells pretty much tells the entire story.

Now, in addition, to capturing images for the video, our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM System provided site monitoring for the General Contractor Catalyst Construction on a daily basis, including online access to stored images going back to the beginning of demo.  Catalyst owners, Joe Cook & Travis Brungardt, kept up-to-date on weather conditions, construction activities, materials deliveries, and crews throughout the build.  These features were offered to key subs and suppliers, to encourage online access for coordinating their schedules, as well.  Visit the project’s Online ARCHIVEpics INTERFACE.  Our ProgressWEBCAM was removed at the beginning of this month, and we’re now awaiting a ‘final’ ground-level photo or two to share the finish & landscaped residence.   We do offer marketing quality photography and video-capture & editing services, too.

No INTERIOR ProgressWEBCAM was installed on this project, but we can do that when needed.  Did I mention that our systems can offer options for site security and 24/7-365 monitoring, as well?  Have a LOOK HERE!

Get in touch with our staff if you have questions, and we’ll do our best to assist with your local or remote site monitoring needs.

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