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This is a typical environment for our professional photographers as we provide our Visual Documentation Services to clients throughout the Midwest.  However, construction progress photography is only one situation we excel in.  Our service line-up ranges from PRE-Construction photo or video documentation before a contractor even enters the site, to haul route coverage, to Pre-Occupancy photos of a finished build, along with marketing-quality final photographs or a promotional video.  In between, there may also be construction progress photography, aerial UAS-Drone or aircraft progress photos or video reporting, aerial mapping, 3D modeling, ProgressWEBCAM remote Site-monitoring, Post-Construction restoration records, Owner Training Session video recordings for project closeout … and even more, believe it or not.

If you are in need of any type of photo or video documentation, we’d like to hear from you.  We’ll prepare a formal proposal & pricing for any project you are estimating or bidding, too.  This work has been our backbone for nearly FIFTY YEARS now, and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways you are utilizing photography and/or video in your construction design and build processes.

Perhaps you are unaware of our wide variety of skills and services – far beyond Pre-Con and Progress – so please take a few minutes to view our Online Portfolio to see examples, or READ MORE at our e-NEWS plus+ BLOG.  Let’s set up a brief meeting to discuss how P-Tn might be able to provide solutions.

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