May contain P-Tn photographer taking a photo on a construction site. | P-Tn


Can you tell what type of facility we are photographing in this shot?  We do take countless photos (and videos) on construction sites for ‘linear’ projects like water / sewer mains or street improvements, plus construction progress photos (ground and aerial) on a wide variety of sites.  However, we are also called upon to create marketing quality imagery of completed projects.  These may be for social media and web content, for other advertising materials or digital displays, or for Wall Displays in offices.

This gives us an opportunity to capture creative photographs of major facilities or process plants, along with the personnel and equipment that keep those places operating.  We shoot from the ground as you see here, and we’ll shoot from above using our drones & certified pilots to capture unique angles and views.  Maintaining a library of professional imagery – still photo or motion video – is a valuable marketing asset for your business.  We will shoot, finish digital files, make professional prints, and even frame those photos for Wall Display.

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