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We’ve seen tremendous progress at the Catalyst Construction Residential Home Build this spring & summer.  We’d like to share our promotional video that P-Tn has been building, while work crews have been building this home.  The newest version of our ProgressWEBCAM Time-lapse Video, with some UAS-Drone Aerial footage thrown in!  We’ve got it all RIGHT HERE – from demolition of the original house to a fully enclosed new home, as they finish the interior (not included in our video on this project) and we wait for the exterior finishes and landscaping to begin.

This is one of only a select few residential ProgressWEBCAM situations we’ve addressed, and clearly we would like to do more of these installations.  We’ll soon be sharing an INTERIOR view of another residential build, which permits the contractor (again, Catalyst Const.) as well as the design team and subs, plus the owner – of course, to monitor the progress and condition of the main interior space – in addition to an exterior view of construction activities.  More and more of our commercial clients are considering an Interior ProgressWEBCAM; the same advantages apply on residential builds. 

Here’s a post of Travis Brungardt checking site monitoring ProgressWEBCAMS back in the winter, when weather was bad, and time was saved checking conditions from his office; SNOW DAY – REMOTE MONITORING.

At this posting, the house is enclosed with window installation and the new roof has been recently installed.  Again, no interior ProgressWEBCAM active here, but we’ll show you some still photos later on, so visit our e-NEWS plus+ BLOG again this fall.  We included some UAS-Drone Aerial footage within the Time-lapse of the build.  This is a small site for doing so, but some drone footage of the completed home will be great for a short marketing video.  Adding a shot or two of the demolition or construction activities contributes to the story, as you can see.

Remember, too, that our ProgressWEBCAMS have a security option that permits you to view the site 24/7-365 to monitor general site activity, crews, material storage, and more … and we can program our units for motion detection day or night, even send alerts when things are happening during “off hours”.  Now you can add a level of protection on top of the Time-lapse Video, plus a stored record of still and video footage.

Review our initial comments about this project, and the beginning of our Time-lapse Video, thru this winter e-NEWS plus+ POST.  And this follow-up POST about the advantages of remote monitoring.

We deploy our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Systems throughout the year, assisting commercial and (also) residential builders, superintendents, design teams, subs, and project owners in monitoring job site activities and coordinating construction crews and logistics.  READ MORE.  Our staff will help you determine if a ProgressWEBCAM would be beneficial for monitoring or security on your next project, so do get in touch if you have questions

Read our original post when this project started up;

The DEMO on this residence is pretty much complete. Take our word for it – it came down F-A-S-T! Excavation for the new foundation is now getting underway. Our ProgressWEBCAM has captured daily images of the demolition and site clearing, so we can share this initial P-Tn Time-lapse [CLICK HERE], which also includes a birds-eye view of the before DEMO and after, courtesy of our Head Drone Pilot, Travis Berndt. More to come on this build, as we will add to the Time-lapse video during the new construction … so stay in touch and visit this page again!

If you happen to be involved in this Catalyst Construction project, get in touch with me, or Travis & Joe, and we’ll let you know how you can subscribe to the daily ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Online INTERFACE.

Cant’ wrap this up without crediting Catalyst Construction here in Prairie Village, and its owners, Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook. This new build is their project – we’re just watching it happen – and keep in mind that this is a High Performance Home, so its way more than your average house; that’s Catalyst’s specialty.  Learn more at their website or contact Travis & Joe by EMAIL thru their CONTACT PAGE.

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