Inspecting a new version of ProgressWEBCAM



P-Tn has been providing Site-Monitoring Services since the 1990’s – ProgressWEBCAMS are used by our clients to keep an eye on construction and development sites in the KC Metro area, and elsewhere in the MidWest.  Right now, we’ve got nearly all of our Solar-Powered Trailer Units deployed … but don’t shed any tears.  We have access to more, and we have units available for installations on buildings, poles, roofs, and more.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have a need.

Our trailers deliver a solution for our clients when there is NO POWER or NO INTERNET on their undeveloped construction site.  Have a LOOK!
That’s a common situation, of course.  Basic light for access to the field office trailer is another issue we hear about, and that conversation always transitions to SECURITY, or site monitoring in general.  We do offer motion detecting, infrared, alert-sending camera systems that will help you know what’s happening at your site 24/7-365.  And we’ve just begun field testing of a flood lighting system for those dark, remote, middle-of-nowhere locations.  That’s Eric checking the wiring configuration of a newly assembled unit (in the photo).

We’ll have more to share soon. Like THIS (we can run the FLOODS via AC without the use of our TRAILER).

Sooner … if you give us a call or email and tell us you need light at your remote site, motion detection that will turn the lights on for your crews late at night [OR for unwanted visitors, too], then activate a warning light to let everyone know you entered the area, AND it might then activate the motion detection on the infrared / night-vision ProgressWEBCAM.  Then – if you want to be informed – an email alert heads your way.

*We’ve moved into new “DIGS” with more elbow-room for Visual Documentation staff to do their work for an expanding group of terrific P-Tn clients … still growing, even after 50 years! 

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