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WE FIND THE (existing) DAMAGE!

P-Tn’s professional photographers are highly experienced in documenting curb and pavement damage, which we’ve highlighted with red arrows in this image.  Not particularly exciting, but this visual documentation is very important for protecting our clients.  We will find the existing damage before construction begins.  And P-Tn walks A LOT OF MILES to protect our clients! 

We look for, and record in photos and/or video, existing damage near construction sites.  For street improvements, water or sewer pipeline installations, parking lot or pavement repairs, we create a visual record of existing damage that is NOT intended for repair, and we do this to protect our clients from being required to replace items that they did NOT damage.

Imagine the cost of replacing curbs, sidewalks, driveways, plants & turf along your contracted project to install pipe or replace street pavement.  Perhaps you are replacing only the curb or sidewalk, but the adjacent improvements (driveway / pavement / landscape) are in poor condition. Having a PRE-Construction record of the damage adjacent to the work zone will help avoid property owner claims that might arise during or after construction, or preclude litigation over disputes.  Replacing these features unnecessarily eats away at profits and pushes completion deadlines – don’t let this create losses on your project. Let P-Tn find the existing damage before you mobilize.  Having an accurate and time-stamped VISUAL record will settle those challenges quickly when they come up.

Many of our clients have utilized this valuable P-Tn service for decades, and new clients come to us each month to add this level of protection for their projects . . . whether the service is required in the project specifications, or the contractor or owner desires this documentation because they will recover its cost by avoiding unjust disputes or repairs.  READ MORE right here on our website, and give us a call or email to request pricing or a formal quote for your upcoming project.

Is your project already complete?  Consider similar documentation as a POST-Construction record to show when your project was completed, and the condition you left the site … before someone raises questions about damage that occurs after you have signed off.

One more consideration would be the use of UAS-Drones for a ‘bird-eye’ view of your project, both before and after completion of a street (or pipeline) project.  We can fly comparative similar views to capture photos and/or video imagery of the project.  It is difficult to illustrate any long, flat project using ground-based photography.  Our FAA Certified Pilots will deliver an overview of the completed work, that we’ll edit into a marketing video or use to create impressive photographic prints for WALL DISPLAY.  Planning ahead and scheduling us to capture aerial footage BEFORE construction begins, and again of site activities during construction, will pay off with a marketing video that shows your successful project improvements – from start to finish.

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