Photo & Video SPECIFICATION Wording

P-Tn has been providing construction documentation for over four decades.  We’ve read a lot of SPECS, and bid a LOT of JOBS!
We know it is a challenge to keep specification requirement wording up-to-date – especially with rapidly changing digital technology for both still photography and video recordings.

We can help.

Contact us directly and ask for a pdf-version of our SPECIFICATION WORDING LIBRARY (or just click here).  Use it as a guide or starting point for updating your master specs.  Don’t hesitate to call and request an evaluation of your draft, or ask us to draft an initial version for you to edit.  Most important – TALK WITH US – about what you would really like to receive, and what is current industry standard.  Let’s work together to eliminate outdated, vague, or inaccurate specs.  When we find clear and detailed specification requirements for PHOTO/VIDEO documentation, it helps us in our bidding process, and it insures that you will receive professional quality photos or videos that will deliver the information and protection needed on your construction project!

Don’t casually dismiss your photo/video spec requirements – these records are valuable – demand on-time delivery of whatever visual records you have called for.