P-Tn owner holding 2 large prints with the enlarged print blow him.


We just released these two matching color enlargements for office Wall Display by one of our P-Tn clients in St. Joseph, MO.  The overall dimensions of each framed print are 26 x 38 inches, which makes for a high-quality image with ample detail in this aerial view of the downtown Kansas City metropolitan area.  Our staff used client information to locate and place a numbered icon at major project sites in the metro, placing an icon there, and adding an index table at the bottom of the print.  It makes for an impressive presentation of work completed over the years … for a well-known steel fabrication & erection company, created in 1965 – MIDLAND Steel & Erection.

Our photographers captured a similar aerial view a number of years ago, and marked it up with project identification, but it was time for an update with new additions.  We rephotographed an expanded view of downtown KC, to allow for more project sites to be shown.  Quality color prints, framed and laminated, will make for great wall displays for years to come.

Printing big enlargements is not common in this digital age, when most everything is shared as a photo file, and displayed on flat screens or computer monitors.  However, large color prints on the walls of your office, conference room, and lobby will impress your own staff, and prospective or current clients, when they visit.  We have been providing framed wall display prints to P-Tn clients throughout our 50-years in business, including L.G. Barcus & Sons .. DE Ross Construction .. DDI Realty .. VF Anderson Construction .. and many others.

Wall Display prints will deliver even more impact when printed in large sizes, but don’t just think in terms of color prints, or framed enlargements.  Current technology permits us to create presentation prints on CANVAS (framed or unframed), or images that are actually printed on METAL (aluminum, to be specific – either for wall mounting or framed, even smaller curved metals for desktop or display case).  Don’t hoard them; these make great gifts for your project team members, and especially for your client – the project owner, engineer, designer, or consultant.  We typically include your company logo within the image when matted or framed, so the final gifted photos become valuable marketing & promotional items that will benefit you for a very long time – far longer than any social media post.

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