Amino Brothers new website!


We’d like to do a little promotion for one of our many clients – Amino Brothers. Heavy Highway Construction is their field of expertise, including earthwork, utilities, concrete & asphalt paving operations. Located in Kansas City, Kansas, Amino has been around longer than P-Tn – SEVENTY YEARS, but only recently decided to add a website to their marketing and promotional efforts.

Wish I could say that P-Tn built the site, but we did not.  In the end, we provided photography, and a bit of layout and content guidance.   So, we can provide some input for you when you begin the process – whether you build your own site, or hire someone to do it all – or just the complex parts.  Regardless, the CONTENT [both written and imagery] can make or break a site, may determine how long and how deep a visitor goes, and therefore, how beneficial your efforts are in promoting your business. P-Tn provides professional photography and video capture (and editing) to our many construction and design industry clients – and lets not forget the engineers.  Perhaps we can help you zero in on the subject matter you need, and help you get quality images that will show your company and your work at its best, and keep visitors engaged.

For Amino, we did  provide the bulk of the photography for the site and hope to add some video in the future. Our other clients are invited to take some time and visit Amino’s new site at and have a look at what they do, as well as our photography showing you what they do, and perhaps give some thought to a website for YOUR company – whether you don’t yet have one, or you want to make improvements.  And, of course, if you have a long, wide street you need to build or repave, or a few thousand cubic yards of dirt to move … give Amino Brothers a call!

For photography & video imagery in marketing or construction documentation, you should call P-Tn instead — 913-384-9369 or just scroll to the bottom of this page and get in touch!