P-Tn  installed its first ProgressWEBCAM  in the 1990’s, to record Time-lapse of construction of an Overland Park Office Building for DiCarlo General Contractors.  The technology has advanced rapidly since that first unit, and we continue to provide this valuable site-monitoring tool, now in 1080 and 720-dpi resolution, browser-based viewing, wireless internet, Pan-Tilt-Zoom user controls, multi-view image archiving, and quality/edited Time-lapse Videos of construction.  And we can deliver a turn-key unit to your site rapidly with one of our Solar Trailer Units [small-footprint trailer, solar powered, with 20-foot mounting mast, wireless broadband] or complete a custom installation at your location.

Over the years, requests for units that offer more of a security-monitoring aspect have come from our clients, but ProgressWEBCAMS  perform a different function.  Now, however, P-Tn  brings motion-detecting infrared monitoring options to our clients, with alerts sent directly to your phone as soon as activity occurs – while still supporting LIVE VIEW access to the Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions.  Most all of our units can be utilized on our Solar Trailers for quick installation and repositioning options.

Sales and leasing options are available, just give us a call!

Our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Systems offer a unique and effective approach to viewing activities on construction or development projects – local or remote.  Through a customized ARCHIVEpics INTERFACE, our clients access images captured throughout each work day, showing general on-site activity, plus options for sharing and analysis of those PICS.  An edited Time-Lapse Movie of the build is updated throughout construction; a marketing-quality version is delivered after completion.

We offer design, installation, start-up, and hosting of our ProgressWEBCAM systems, with turnkey options for client-mountable units, or trailers outfitted with masts and solar power units.   Learn more …