We began offering our VIDEO services as an alternative to PHOTO documentation; many of our clients prefer video documentation, rather than photos.  Over the last twenty years, however, video has grown to become a valuable compliment to photos, as more engineers and contractors ask us to employ BOTH media, to improve the volume & quality of the final documentation record.



P-Tn Visual Documentation also includes VIDEO capture, from Hi-RES hand-held video cameras, Go-Pro video equipment for unusual locations & situations, to UAS-Drone aircraft that fly where only aircraft can access to capture views that only drone can create.  Any of these might be employed for producing PRE-Construction documentation of existing damage and site conditions along pipelines or street improvements, in addition to building project sites.   Video is used instead of (or in addition to) still photographs.  Basic coverage delivers a contiguous record of the construction zone and adjacent properties.  With full-service protection, you can rely upon us to look for, then video record and professionally describe, any existing concerns which may come into question during or after construction.  Take a LOOK.  Adding POST-Construction videos will create a confirming record that the site was fully restored.

Don’t forget to have P-Tn document the HAUL ROUTES to and from your project site.  Our unique Vehicle-mount Video unit permits us to quickly & economically record the surface conditions along miles of construction site access routes that your heavy equipment may use – don’t get blamed for bad roads that you did NOT damage.

We also produce professional quality videos of Owner Training Sessions on mechanical systems in new-building construction.  These on-site recordings, with quality audio, delivered on our LINKINGapp, give the owner an invaluable tool for facilities management and future personnel training.

The fastest-growing and most recent addition to our video services line-up involves UAS Drone AERIAL Imaging.



Our MARKETING Services incorporate additional specialized videography techniques, including 4K DRONE Aerial Imagery.

Nearly all of the above PHOTO services are available using VIDEO recording equipment, and often both are employed to improve the volume & quality of the final documentation record.  Whether we create still photos or video footage, on the ground or with drones, DIGITAL is the preferred deliverable for the Visual Documentation services we provide.

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