We began this business focused on construction related photography services, and those continue to be our focus today.  The use of film & prints has changed over to digital as a medium for taking pictures and processing them into a form that serves our clients’ needs.  Delivery may simply be online access to data, or it may be completed with an internet download, uploaded to a USB thumb drive, or as a framed print for wall display.

A number of situations are ideal for employing PHOTO capture, including those below.
Often these services are called for in project specifications (we may have written those specs).
We invite you to contact us for an estimate or formal bid on any upcoming construction project.

PRE-Construction photography along construction routes for engineering projects, such as water mains, storm or sanitary sewer pipelines, pipeline manhole repairs or replacements, new roadway construction, street resurfacing projects, sidewalk & curb improvements … bridges & streetscapes, or building site developments for new construction.  Documentation of current field conditions, especially pre-existing damage, protects all parties in the event of disputes or questions relating to restoration details.

PRE-Demolition photography, if not included in the above record, is an important follow-up to insure that adjacent improvements are shown before work that might affect the surroundings begins.

POST-Construction photography of the final site conditions on any of the above project types will insure an accurate record that work was completed properly, restoration of adjacent areas was finished, and conditions for final approval are stored in an official record.

Construction PROGRESS would be photographed on a regularly scheduled timetable to show the progression of jobsite activities and record the status of completed trades at specified project milestones.  Ground-level exterior views, plus additional interior views when appropriate, create a record of all facets of the construction process.

Aerial construction progress is accomplished using DRONES flown by our team of FAA Certified Pilots, delivering a birds-eye view of the entire project, plus detailed photographs of areas where site work activities are concentrated.  Our drone flights typically include a series of still photos, plus additional VIDEO footage, professionally edited for project team updates and sharing.

Interactive 360-degree Panoramic photography is an option for all of the above situations.  Pan throughout the image to view in all directions, and zoom in for details as needed.  Our drone pilots capture aerial 360 panoramas from vantage points 200-300 feet above the site, for an exceptional overview of the site, equipment & materials, and construction progress.  Multiple panoramas are linked together, permitting you to ‘jump’ from one location to the next across your site.

Either still photography or panoramic photography can be employed to record as-built [MEP] Mechanical Electrical Plumbing system installations in walls and ceilings prior to enclosure, cover-up, or concrete encasement.

An extensive photographic record will document finished conditions of any completed project, just prior to closeout or owner occupancy.

Our INSPECTIONS  and MARKETING Services incorporate additional specialized photography techniques.

Nearly all of the above PHOTO services are available using VIDEO recording equipment, and often both are employed to improve the volume & quality of the final documentation record.  Whether we create still photos or video footage, on the ground or with drones, DIGITAL is the preferred deliverable for the Visual Documentation services we provide.

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