iPlanTables Interactive Workstations

Let’s get to the point about iPlanTables Interactive Workstations and how they CUT COSTS for today’s businesses.

Let’s be honest … PAPER SLOWS THINGS DOWN!
What is your cost of printing, plotting, and document storage?

Download this CUT COSTS flier, and we’ll boil it down.
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P-Tn is your CONNECTION to iPlanTables Wide-format Interactive Touchscreen Workstations
 are far more than a large screen TV connected to your computer.  These custom engineered commercial/industrial grade touchscreen monitors and powerful PC computers handle all of your large-format document management – electronically.  If OWNER TRAINING is your focus, iPlanTables will deliver those and ALL CLOSEOUT documents in a facilities management customized workstation.  Employed by more and more construction companies, architects, engineers, and sub-contractors, plus a new interest from Fire Marshals & City Planners – throughout the continental United States.
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The DESK Commander [iDeskMount in the photo] is the ideal entry-level opportunity to enter the world of  iPlanTables 4K Touchscreen Technology. Not only is this more economical that the full-sized units on robust carts for moving from room to room, if needed, the DESK Commander is designed to occupy the surface of a typical desktop, or simply a credenza or side-table.  Where space does not permit a 49-inch or 55-inch floor unit, or if a cubicle is your office, this 43-inch unit will be perfect; far beyond the limitations of the 23-27″ screen typical on a desk.  Lift and tilt functionality is at your fingertips, and additional side monitors are still available, if space permits.  Use a standard PC computer, or your laptop connection.  The cost savings is worth note, but existing desks & office spaces can be outfitted to become Interactive Workstations without the need to reconfigure office furniture layouts.

An iPlanTables Interactive Workstation is the ideal central storage and retrieval ‘headquarters’ for all of your valuable electronic documents … it will become your hub for Total Project Management, from digital take-off, document mark-up, team collaboration, video conferencing, plan-linking, to final archiving & retrieval of ALL important documents.   Construction plan review by Fire Marshals and City Planning Departments is facilitated (especially when coupled with Bluebeam Revu software or other PDF based software programs).  Valuable square footage lost to boxes of plan storage can be reclaimed and repurposed, at significant savings.  Organizations that have decided to convert all documents to electronic format will discover the ease, and speed, in handling tens of thousand in a single, central workstation, allowing for quick and easy retrieval.  After construction, an iPlanTable Workstation will start the process of building a permanent repository for your facilities management department, all building closeout documents, or to archive multiple projects in one convenient location (past – present – and future).

If you’re in any of the AEC disciplines, Architecture – Engineering – Construction … or part of the fast growing Fire Marshal or City Planning Departments that manage plans for municipalities, you should not wait for paperless document management to become a reality; embrace it, along with the benefits of iPlanTables. 

P-Tn is Your CONNECTION to iPlanTables!