P-Tn Visual Documentation utilizes the many advanced DIGITAL techniques we have developed
for all-digital capture and all-digital delivery of our photographic (as well as video) imagery.
NO MORE FILM at P-Tn! – we provide higher quality professional images using modern digital technology.
Our LINKINGapp  is the heart of our system, providing a no-paper approach to delivery, and ease in viewing your documentation images.  By linking your photos & videos directly to project plan sheets, this digital aspect of our services may be the most beneficial of all.  Everything arrives on a labeled USB Thumb drive.  This makes for an impressive PROJECT CLOSEOUT when Owner Training Session video recordings are delivered the same way, making them easily accessible for reference by future personnel.  This photo shows a screenshot of the Landing Page on an Owner Training Closeout, providing quick playback of each session, at the click of a button.  M-E-P In-WALL or As-BUILT service, which records all  Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing systems inside walls and ceilings  prior to demolition or before drywall enclosure, is a uniquely digital method for creating a permanent archive that records the entire heart of your structure for your facility management team.

We employ a similar technique to complete residential or commercial STRUCTURE INSPECTIONS adjacent to construction zones for certain pipeline and infrastructure projects, such as storm sewers and bridge or street improvements.  Although we do not bring a certified engineers credentials to the table, we do bring professional photo & video production expertise, and experience.  A thorough visual inspection of both the exterior of the structure or home, and (more importantly) an INTERIOR inspection is made while taking ample photographs (or using video recording) to document any visible cracks, settlement, deterioration, poor maintenance, broken windows, etc.  We utilize our LINKINGapp image-to-plan approach, substituting a written report for the plan sheets, as verification of the street address and room or space shown in the photos.  Like PRE-Construction records for conventional building sites or renovations, this creates a comprehensive visual record of existing conditions that is easy to access and navigate in the event a question or dispute over damage arises.

As digital technology advanced so dramatically in the last two decades, we have moved on from traditional film capture techniques, and we are now working completely in all-digital technology for both capture and delivery of imagery, using our LINKINGapp system!