We promised … and THIS HOUSE HAS CHANGED!  [It’s GONE!]

We deployed another P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM just recently (Prairie Village, to be more precise).  This T-M-S unit [a solar powered, trailer with a 20-foot mast for camera mounting] will first monitor demolition of this residence, to make way for a new home to be built by Catalyst Construction – visit their website at catalystbuilt.com and learn about the home building expertise of owners Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook.

We promised to share DEMO of the old residence, and NOW IT’s ALMOST GONE!  TAKE a CLOSE LOOK!  A DEMO Time-lapse will be coming soon.  Next step is a new home, plus a Time-lapse of that new build in the coming months.  So, stay tuned and look for more posts in the coming weeks and months.  Our ProgressWEBCAM Systems provide the construction team with LIVE VIEW of site activities throughout construction, plus access to archived images throughout the build, and have an optional capability of delivering Security recordings of “after-hours” activities on the site.  Learn more out our ProgressWEBCAM Systems right here on our website;  CLICK HERE.  Or, watch this INTRODUCTION.

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If you recognize this project, and want to be involved in site monitoring & the Time-lapse, contact P-Tn or Catalyst!
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