UMB Bank located at I-435 and State Line | P-Tn


And another ProgressWEBCAM Project Time-Lapse has just come through our editing department.  This is nearly a one-year construction period on a new branch bank for United Missouri Bank – at I-435 and State Line.  General Contractor, David E. Ross Construction, has been a P-Tn client for many years … this was our first ProgressWEBCAM installation for them.  Have a look at this build, compressed to about two minutes! View our UMB BANK Time-Lapse.  The final image is simply a ‘dressed-up’ webcam image that illustrates a more finished look, once the rest of the landscaping is completed.  Finished marketing photographs may be in the cards later on.

This P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM System employed one of our Solar Trailers, so it could be positioned early in the job, before AC power was available at the ‘best’ spot for the Time-Lapse capture.  No electrical drop required; solar power supplied, wireless broadband connection, online access from anywhere, 24/7-365 remote site monitoring and a calendar-based archive of PICS captured throughout each workday, and we edited a marketing-quality Time-Lapse video of the build.

P-Tn has been making Time-Lapse Videos for quite some time.  Visit our website SERVICES PAGE to view more examples and give us a call to discuss your next project.

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