UAS-DRONE Construction Site Reporting

UAS-Quadcopter AERIAL Project Site Reporting

The degree of detail that P-Tn  UAS-Drone AERIAL imagery provides is astounding!  This collage image illustrates the ability to zoom in and count re-bar or lumber on site.  SEE THE DETAIL
There’s more, but consider just that one drone capability.

Aside from the obvious – construction progress updating from the air – analysis of general site conditions, movement of delivered supplies, available storage for future material arrivals, and periodic inventory of equipment are examples of vital information delivered in imagery captured in a UAS-Drone flight.

Plant health or vegetation conditions, basic elevation comparisons, plus the potential to make stockpile calculations, are examples of additional information that is available from drone aerials.  VISIT THIS SITE to see more!  While offering these new features, P-Tn’s emphasis has been on quality oblique still frame & video views of the project site, to be used for AERIAL Progress Reporting and sharing with the project team or investors & general public.

Add ground-based ProgressPHOTOS, a ProgressWEBCAM or SecurityCAM for site monitoring … or any one of the other valuable Visual Documentation Services we offer our clients.  Please review our Services CHECKLIST and let us know if you have questions, or would like to include P-Tn on your next construction project.