Instructor Scott Hughes poses with high school students students, one of which is holding a camera.


What?  Turner High School is building a HOUSE? 
That’s correct, the Turner High School Building Trades Class will soon begin construction of another residential home build.  Under the guidance of Instructor Scott Hughes, he and his class will begin managing construction of a spec home in Kansas City, Kansas.  Built primarily by professional tradesmen under contract to the School District, and with Scott’s close management acting as general superintendent, this project offers hands-on participation and involvement to the students in his class – for this academic year and next.  

P-Tn is pleased to announce that we will have the opportunity to support this effort with one of our many Visual Documentation services – a ProgressWEBCAM Site-Monitoring System.  We won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting on this build, but we WILL be helping the project team, volunteers and contributors, the sub & materials suppliers, and of course the students at Turner high School … by allowing everyone to WATCH all the heavy lifting that will be going into this build.  Through our ProgressWEBCAM, you will have the opportunity to observe daily construction progress, see crews and students at work, access archived photos (by date and time of day) from the beginning of the build, and eventually see the completion of an edited P-Tn Time-lapse Video of the entire build. 

Visit this link to a P-Tn Online ARCHIVEpics INTERFACE dedicated to this project.  The temporary image you see when you arrive will be replaced with fresh PICS as soon as the ProgressWEBCAM is activated.  Bookmark the page and visit again – share the URL with your friends.  CLICK the Turner HS Building Trades ‘BEAR’ on the INTERFACE, to learn more about the home building program. 

This month (March of 2022) we plan to install and activate our ProgressWEBCAM unit at the construction site, then begin delivery of daily-captured images to an online INTERFACE that you may visit at any time to monitor activities on site, then share the latest progress with your friends at school and in the community.  Things are moving along quickly, and we may be installing sooner than we thought.  We’ll let you know – here and on social media – as soon as we start up the camera and begin capturing PICS, so visit us again … better yet, find and follow P-Tn on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook, or sign-up for our Newsletter.  We’ll keep you informed. 

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