photographer taking photos at water treatment plant


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of our ProgressWEBCAM Time-lapse Videos created from recent and older construction projects.  You will find an extensive list, with links to each one, on our new/refreshed website at; visit the TIME-LAPSE PAGE under SERVICES.  Here’s another, from our work last year with Goodwin Brothers Construction at the Briarcliff Water Works Plant in Kansas City, Missouri.  Project Engineer – Black & Veatch.  This Time-lapse is unique in that it focuses on one section of a larger project at a process plant, thereby delivering more detail of the work involved … not to mention the movement of water, and the eye-catching color.  ENJOY VIEWING!   Time-lapse videos are always fascinating to view, and they make a great marketing tool – an attention getting look at your work, in a way that may be nearly impossible to illustrate with just a collection of still photos.  The investment in one Time-lapse Video can pay off for years by sharing it on your website and thru social media posts.  Display it on your office flat screen for staff and visitors, too.  And the advantages of remote site monitoring with our ProgressWEBCAM System go far beyond (just) creating your Time-Lapse video – learn more.

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