Road Paving and drone flight | P-Tn


J.M. Fahey Construction is in full swing paving streets throughout the KC Metro Area, including Kansas City, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas.  And our photographers are out there with their crews, creating new marketing photos for web and social media posts.  We have our FAA certified Pilots at some site, too, capturing their cold milling and asphalt paving operations from above – in addition to ground photos of their equipment.

We have had the pleasure of providing this type of work for JM Fahey for many years.  Many other P-Tn clients know the benefit of capturing professional photography for marketing applications.  With our drones and drone pilots, we are now able to add some unique aerial views to our ground-level photos, along with video footage.  Combined … we can create video ‘shorts’ for posting to websites, sharing in social media posts, or playback on your lobby flat screen.  These are a great way to promote your company and showcase what you and your crews do!

This is the time of year to give serious thought to capturing professional imagery of your completed projects from last year, document to new project you are working on now, and give some additional thought to which projects you may want to photograph or videotape when they are completed – later this summer or in the fall.  We’ll share some of those pics and video clips as we move along, so keep watching our posts.

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