Three photo montage. The first photo is blurred with the words spool machine wire re-spooler. The photo below that has electric wire wound up on a spooler. The third photo shows the metal mount the spool goes on. | P-Tn


1.)  What is a SPOOL MACHINE, anyway? View this VIDEO!   Watch it pull from 60 SPOOLS at once!
… and      
2.) What does it have to do with photography? 

1.)  It is a motorized piece of equipment that permits SPOOLING or RE-spooling of all types of electrical (and other) wire from BULK rolls to job-sized SPOOLS.  Obviously, you will gain big savings on wire purchasing.  Download our BROCHURE for the details! 

2.)  Well … frankly, NOTHING.We have had a long-term business relationship with the inventor and manufacturer, who also happens to produce some of the hardware components for our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM & SecurityWEBCAM Site Monitoring Systems and Trailer Units.  Considering our extensive connections to clients like you – professionals in the construction industry, including subcontractors and trades – we are simply helping introduce this relatively new item to prospective customers here in the Kansas City Metro and throughout the Midwest (plus the rest of the country – for that matter).   

The SPOOL MACHINE unit has a small footprint, is user-friendly, and well-built.  For big shops with a never-ending need for re-spooling, OR for smaller contractors who would profit from bulk-wire pricing and re-spooling, this is worth knowing about. Our focus, of course, is to let electrical suppliers and electricians know about the Spool Machine, but we know many businesses would benefit from a quality, but economical, wire spooler / re-spooler to help manage their wire inventory or prep spools of wire for field use. 

TAKE ANOTHER LOOK at our VIDEO and then give us a call at P-Tn to place your order! 
We will soon release a new video that shows recent improvements to the Spool Machine.

P-Tn can offer you the advantage of Manufacturer-Direct pricing, and there are presently no major distributors (yet) for this product in the USA.  Our price point is very competitive [below $5k] and we now offer an optional free-standing wire counter (a separate measuring device with its own stand) [under $800].  We can arrange Spool Machine shipping to anywhere in the USA and order-to-shipping turnaround is typically just 2-3 weeks.  The manufacturer is right here in the Midwest, so shipping distances are the shortest. 

A series of improvements have recently been completed, and this SPEC SHEET will provide you with all the details.  Don’t hesitate to contact P-Tn if you have any questions; we’ll get the answers.  

Contact; ERIC BERNDT / P-Tn / 913-384-9369 or email me at [email protected] 

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