high school student-built saw horse sitting on vacant lot | P-Tn


This (Turner High School) student-built saw horse is the only piece of equipment on the vacant site for a soon to be underway residential home build, which is the focus of a Turner High School Building Trades Class program that involves management of the entire build (and eventual sale, of course) of a house in the local community.  At the same time, high school students who have an interest in the construction industry and associated trades are offered a unique level of participation in the process.  

Learn more about the program thru this 2017 KSHB FEATURE article.  Instructor Hughes … “we use the house as a method to expose them to all sorts of trades, we bring in contractors.”  Principal Alan Penrose says, “every two years students build a new house, from start to finish.”  Spring of 2022 begins a new house building cycle, and P-Tn has the opportunity to support this effort by contributing the hardware and electronic to deliver site-monitoring throughout the build, and create a quality Time-lapse Video of the completed home; months of construction will be witnessed in less than a minute! 

Help us bring this video to life! 

Perhaps you are already aware of Instructor Hughes and this house-building program. Perhaps you or your business would be interested in supporting the Building Trades Class at Turner High with a contribution toward ongoing operation of the ProgressWEBCAM, or other expenses involved in the ongoing build.  Please contact P-Tn and let us know or reach out to Mr. Hughes on Instagram or at Turner High School in Kansas City, KS., to offer support. 

We’ll let you know – here – as soon as we start up the camera and begin capturing PICS, so visit us again … better yet, find & follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, or sign-up HERE for our monthly Newsletter.  We’ll keep you informed.  There’s more to come!

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