OKC Streetcar Concept Image


The Kansas City Streetcar project is complete, and P-Tn has begun the process of providing the same type of Pre-Construction (and Post-Con, too) VideoWALKTHRU documentation for the soon-to-be underway Oklahoma City Streetcar System.

Clearly – we DO travel!

PRIOR to CONSTRUCTION, we record the existing condition of streets, sidewalks, and adjacent structures.  The value of having a thorough, quality, permanent visual record of the nearly 6-mile route will prove to be a cost-saving asset to the contractor, as it did in KC.  Such a record can be invaluable, and is simply a form of  I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E“Visual Insurance”!    Our field team searches for existing damage or conditions which might later be questioned, and we record them, adding professional narration to our videos & precise locations to photos.  Our P-Tn LANDING APP  will link all imagery directly to the plan sheets; simply click an arrow to see a photo or click a highlighted line to play a video clip.  Click to LEARN MORE, or call us!