Web camera and solar panels for construction site monitoring


Our ProgressWEBCAM Solar Trailers have been well received by a growing number of P-Tn clients in need of remote site monitoring capabilities.  Typically this offers quick(er) deployment to the site, repositioning capabilities, and wireless + solar power to simplify installation and activation.  We’ve based our ProgressWEBCAM System on this approach.  However, we routinely handle custom installations that do not involve one of our Solar Trailers.  We mount our monitoring cameras to poles, buildings, roofs, towers, silos, bridges, and other structures.  And these locations do not demand AC power … we have options for solar power beyond our trailer units.  In nearly all these situations, our wireless broadband connections are the norm, simplifying the field wiring requirements.

Here, Travis is mounting one of our Pan-Tilt Zoom ProgressWEBCAM Units to a new specialty Solar Trailer, in preparation for deployment to an out-of-state construction site.  When the trailer is not the best vantage point, we will review the site conditions, then recommend one or more options for a custom installation, locating the ProgressWEBCAM for best site viewing, and bringing required AC or Solar Power to the unit.

Either way, you gain the advantages of remote site monitoring, with a calendar archive of images recorded daily, along with the creation of a marketing-quality Time-Lapse VIDEO of your build.  Give us a call if you’d like to know more.

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