We’re sharing a social media post by Travis Brungardt, with Catalyst Construction of Prairie Village, Kansas. He’s pointing out the advantages of our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Systems, which we have in operation on three residential projects for Catalyst.  His VIDEO POST (from his INSTAGRAM CatalystBuilt) points out that he can quickly check all three project sites to see just how bad the weather conditions on that snow day, along with which crews might be on-site, and the condition of forms, materials, etc.  One site employs an I-N-T-E-R-I-O-R ProgressWEBCAM, so he can tell when the subs arrive for inside work – despite the ongoing snow.  Read on, for links to more related videos! 

We’re working with Travis & Joe at Catalyst to explore the feasibility of utilizing our ProgressWEBCAM units in residential settings, and introducing this approach thru cost-sharing, to make the information available to GC’s like Catalyst, as well as architect, owner, and major subs or suppliers.  Clearly this shared access helps keep everything running more smoothly by keeping everyone informed, but it also offers a marketing opportunity, as well.  The professionally edited Time-lapse video of the new build, from dirt to finished home (and including the old house demolition, when possible – like we did in the VIDEO on our website BLOG) provides an eye-catching visual showing months of work in seconds … a great way to show prospective clients what builders (and their teams) do, whether posted on social media, website, or displayed in an office or lobby flatscreen! 

P-Tn’s “other” specialty is flying drones and shooting professional architectural photos of commercial and residential projects, so we can add some finished shots – aerial or ground – to the videos and show the finished product, or make enlargements for WALL DISPLAY! 

As you watch Travis share his take on our ProgressWEBCAMS, click these links to what he presents AFTER this INSTAGRAM VIDEO ‘SHORT’ – our Site-Monitoring SECURITY motion detected LED FLOODS & Strobe Light to deter unwanted visitors, and a complimentary ProgressWEBCAM to capture video of the intruder, if they choose to come closer.  And our DEMOLITION aerial and Time-lapse video of one of these Catalyst projects.  They both deliver a message that can help protect your project site, or promote your construction work to the next customer you want to work with. 

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