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The leaves are gone and the trees are bare – winter is here.  

However, it doesn’t look so bleak INSIDE.  Right now just might be the time to showcase the interior spaces of the buildings you built when the grass was green – we can catch exteriors of those buildings when spring arrives.  This slideshow is all about conference rooms, but photographs of manufacturing plants, process plants, medical facilities, private offices and more are worthy of professional marketing photography to showcase those spaces at the places where your success stories are written.  Let’s shoot ‘em … either now, or later in the year.

You will want to give some additional thought to photographing the people who occupy those spaces, too.  They are the teams that create those success stories!  When was the last time you had a round of candid portraits taken of your staff – if ever?  “Headshots”, defined as head-and-shoulders casual portraits of personnel, are used on websites, posted on social media announcements or news releases, added to personal email signatures, and more.  Don’t leave the guys & gals in the warehouse, on the manufacturing line, or at field operations sites out of the process.  Photograph people where they work.  Show the world how they spend their time, doing what they do to contribute to your business success.

For a number of years, P-Tn has been providing marketing photography of finished projects, including some aerial work, for Allison McClain (VP) and David Ross, (President) of David E. Ross Construction in Raytown, Missouri.  Visit their website and you’ll see some of our work, including these conference room photos, medical facility interiors, and some of our drone aerial video work.

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