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We fly drones.  Our FAA certified Pilots fly monthly for Aerial Progress documentation on construction sites, as well as more creative flights on construction projects and finished buildings or developments.  We edit our footage and still photos into videos that are used for construction team reporting, website display, social media posting, and other marketing & promotional sharing.

Flight requests can happen anytime, for locations anywhere.  We’ve recently shared some rural flights that tie into our ground-level Pre and Post-Construction photo/video documentation on street, sewer, and water improvements. But we are also called to fly in urban areas and within the heavily restricted areas surrounding major airports – with an understanding of the proper procedures, we get those flights done, too. Like THIS ONE!

A recent project called for flights just south of the Downtown Airport in Kansas City, and other urban targets are encountered frequently.  This photo illustrates our Head Pilot controlling a drone flight adjacent to the Hy-Vee Arena in KCMO, for example.  Such flights may call for FAA waivers, with advance planning and communication to local airports and other facilities.  Without a professional approach and these extra procedures, many flights would not be possible.  In recent years, the number of our flights has trained us to thoroughly address flight planning at each location, to insure safe & successful flights for our clients.

Don’t fly without FAA Certification (and be sure you’re insured), if you’re flying your own drone.  Our P-Tn pilots are certified and insured.  We deliver imagery on safe flights with ample preplanning and communication with authorities.  Post-production can be an important factor, too, if you want professional editing for a quality final video.  Keep P-Tn in mind for drone imagery and your documentation needs on the ground, as well. See examples of our aerial work right here at our website, on our DRONE SERVICES PAGE.

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