P-Tn Custom Framing for WALL DISPLAY



We continue to share posts about our professional color enlargements, and framing them for office wall display and/or gifting to owners / engineers / architects and project team members. We’ve been doing this for years with a number of P-Tn clients who have found this a very effective way of closing out a job on a positive note, while using the TITLE BLOCK in these photos to remind the owner, and others, who successfully completed the work. Several clients have done so just this SUMMER*!

It’s a win / win, and well worth the effort.

NOW is the time to consider creating photographs and/or videos of the great projects that have been completed over the course of Spring & Summer, 2021.  Leaves will be changing soon, and the trees will then become bare, with snow cover not too far behind.  Again, NOW is the time to get those exteriors photographed, from the ground or air.

What we haven’t shown you in the above photo, are some of the options we offer for WALL DISPLAY. Framed prints – yes. And we also can print to canvas and put your photos on stretcher frames; hang them on the wall without a convention wood frame or matting. Prints on METAL are a slick alternative for a contemporary look and feel for your photographs, and these can be displayed without a frame, or mounted to a fabric-covered block to give a rich look to the industrial ‘flavored’ metal.

And let’s not forget to consider VIDEO editing for a short, effective, marketing piece that can be posted on your website or social media to tell the same story using (UAS-Drone) video footage or still photos from the air and ground in a slideshow. Video is attracting more clicks and likes online, so don’t limit your marketing to still photos alone.

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Think PRINTS – think WALLS – have a look at this video for some ideas;  WALL DISPLAYS 

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