Bossier LA roadway project aerial view by


ROADWAYS, as well as pipeline and similar large-scale projects, are challenging to capture in a video or slideshow.  The sheer length of such projects makes it difficult, if not impossible, to deliver the “Big Picture” in a single view, and a continuous video down the alignment may put viewers to sleep in short order.  There are solutions . . .

So, how do you share a large project with clients and prospects?  A combination of still photos and video footage, presented in a well edited marketing video is the answer.  More important, perhaps, is the use of AERIAL imagery to capture the expanse and scope of such projects.  Adding imagery from PRE-Construction, plus some showing construction progress, will dramatically enhance the message.  This will emphasize the difference of before and after, and include shots of the crews that make it happen, along with the various scopes and stages of work involved.  UAS-DRONE AERIAL Imagery provides a dramatic low-altitude aerial perspective that will enhance any presentation, whether it involves video or still photos – or both.  When combined, you have the whole story in one quality marketing video (or more) that can be shared with existing clients, prospective customers, and your employees … CLICK HERE … in addition, you might make further use of videos and photographs as you negotiate possible new jobs.

Preplanning is important, especially if you want to include those valuable PRE-Con and Progress photos or video.  Let us know what you’d like to accomplish before the project gets underway, and we’ll help plan site visits to capture the shots you’ll need.  After completion, we’ll develop a concept for your video message, and complete the editing to deliver a polished video or slideshow, ready for marketing use – by posting to your website and on social media platforms, or display on your office flat screen TV … and even linking your recipients to those videos when sending email.  Video is becoming ever more popular for social media sharing & posting, and for web site content.

Video gets attention!  

If your job is already complete, but you’d still like to feature it – no problem.  We’ll take the imagery you have [whether it is just still photos or it includes some video, too] and create a slideshow or a video that will tell the story of your project, or your company.  Let us edit a short video for you using photos you have, plus final video we shoot for you, so you can share your accomplishments with current and future clients, as well as your project team!

How about professional WALL DISPLAY enlargements for visitors to see?  Give some thought to choosing the best  from those professional ground or aerial still photographs, then have P-Tn create Wall Displays for your conference room or lobby and private offices. These might be traditionally framed color enlargements, or canvas printed photos that require no framing, or hi-tech prints on metal (framed or not).

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