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Put two of our P-Tn FAA Certified Pilots together with some creative editing, and you get a great pre-construction video presentation to share your new project.  Catalyst Construction (Owners Joe Cook & Travis Brungardt) of Prairie Village, Kansas is getting a new residential home project underway and they wanted to share the scope of this build and the rural setting of the new site.  We flew the project location before work got underway, and then combined video and stills with architectural renderings to help illustrate the position of the new home and barn.

HAVE A LOOK at the end result!

Our drone service delivers pre and progress flights to document construction activities on residential as well as commercial building project sites.  Still photos are typically part of this record, too.  We combine all images into a Aerial Progress Report, which is a single video that shows still photos first, followed by aerial flights across the site and circling around it; titles, logos, and music are added.  Using this imagery to create an additional marketing-quality video for web or social media content is a bonus.  We will shorten the video for a quick view, and may add other elements to catch non-project viewers attention.  As we capture more aerial footage and photos throughout the build, combined video editing may eventually show progress to completion, plus finished aerial views of the new home & barn for this project.

Another approach to aerial progress for construction is the use of our P-Tn 360 Aerial PANORAMAS.  Visit this PRE-Construction PANO of the same property for an interactive image that lets you scroll & zoom throughout the site, to examine details on the ground in great detail.  Jump to a second PANO with the on-screen icon, and orient yourself to your location and view using the inset map layout.  PANOS are our most economical option for utilizing aerial imaging for construction progress, pre-bidding site analysis, pre-construction site mobilization planning, or real estate site development.

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