Security Camera Notification Sign Near Stored Construction Materials | P-Tn


Watch for additional posts this spring as we introduce our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Unit specifically configured to provide a security-oriented approach to remote monitoring.  We’ve been capturing daily images on construction sites with our ProgressWEBCAMS for decades, and more and more clients are taking advantage of our stored image archive with calendar access, and especially the Time-Lapse Videos we create for marketing applications.  These units are also utilized for site security, to some degree, as an additional value & benefit.  We have now designed a unit that is geared for motion detection, with infrared illumination, alarm notification, plus remote activation of strobe and flood lights when an intruder alert is triggered … and we will continue to offer the archiving and time-lapse services, as well.  More options for better site monitoring, based on client needs.

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Details are coming and we will be sharing photos soon, so visit again or follow our social media posts.  If you’d like to learn more now, call our staff and let us help you protect your site, materials, and heavy equipment.  Are you also in need of a system to track your equipment … or even your personnel, we may have the solution for you.

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