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ProgressWEBCAM REMOTE Site-Monitoring

… and another ProgressWEBCAM start-up!  We keep that phrase going, especially during the non-winter months, as our clients order ProgressWEBCAM Systems for their remote construction project sites.  Our peak occurs during the summer and fall, but we operate ProgressWEBCAM units year-round, of course.  This start-up involves one of our T-M-S units at a site in rural Iowa, where L.G. Barcus is preparing to replace an existing railroad bridge.  Their project team will be monitoring the critical process of moving a newly constructed bridge into position on the existing track line, after removing the old bridge.  All of this will occur in a very short time period, as Barcus’ crews work around the clock to minimize delays and reopen the track to rail traffic in record time.  This specialized process calls for all hands on deck, including the office personnel in Kansas City while the field work is happening in Iowa, and a P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM helps coordinate those efforts! 

One of our T-M-S [Trailer mobile, Mast mounted, & Solar powered] ProgressWEBCAM units sits basking in the sun in rural Iowa. Click the image to learn more about our ProgressWEBCAMS.

This rail/bridge scenario is perhaps more unusual than most building construction projects, but it illustrates just one example of the solutions provided by our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Systems.  Real time viewing of field activities from across the state or across the country can be invaluable.  The advantages of utilizing our T-M-S Trailer Unit for this project allowed delivery and start-up of the camera shortly before this critical phase of construction, without the need to install a mounting pole, bring in an electrical drop, or make a ‘permanent’ installation.  Our small-footprint trailer will fit most anywhere and can be moved to an alternate location as needed to change the viewing coverage of the camera.  This particular install employs a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera; more than 270-degrees of visual coverage is available from any selected trailer position.

In addition to the advantages of monitoring field activity in real time, we are capturing individual overview images of the construction process.   These will be edited into a quality Time-lapse VIDEO of the entire event, which may be used for review and analysis of the field procedures, or for use in marketing & promotional efforts.  Seeing complex or long-term construction work in a Time-lapse format has many advantages, not the least of which is an eye-catching demonstration of the successful completion of another job well done.  Post to website, social media, or set to play on lobby & conference room flatscreens. 

Another aspect of our ProgressWEBCAMS is the ability to add a layer of Security Monitoring.  We can program the camera for motion detection and stored recording of movement in the field of view, storing video footage for later review, or even sending an alert to you let you know you have a ‘visitor’ at the site.  Other options are available, but you get the idea.  Our ProgressWEBCAMS are ready to do much more than just give you a window to your remote job site.   

Our first site-monitoring ProgressWEBCAM went into operation on a construction site for DiCarlo Contractors, back in the late 1990’s.  We don’t have hundreds of units in operation worldwide, and we think that’s a good thing.  As a small business, we DO work closely with our clients to determine their job-specific needs for site-monitoring, we prep and install the necessary equipment, then we host and monitor the system operation and storage of imagery, to keep it all working for you throughout deployment.  Our Time-lapse VIDEOS are professionally edited and provide marketing-quality viewing for clients and prospects.  Your project team will benefit throughout the construction period, and your marketing team will benefit even longer – after the project is complete. 

Give us a call and describe what you need; we’ll help work out the best solution. 

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