may be installer making final adjustments to a remote web cam monitoring system overlooking a football field turf installation project | P-Tn


Tim is making final adjustments on the installation of another P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM System … this one in the great state of Indiana!  Remote MEANS “remote” – in remote site monitoring.  Have a look at what this Pan-Tilt-Zoom unit can capture through the course of a turf installation on an athletic field by watching this example of one of our TIME-LAPSE VIDEOS.

In addition to the marketing-quality Time-lapse, remote access to our system allows viewing of daily PICS captured throughout the workday, and remote control of the pan-tilt-zoom functions for real-time review of site activities, weather checks, crew and subcontractor verifications, plus – of course – observation of general construction progress.  We design, and install, and host, and monitor custom installations.  We offer small-footprint (solar-power & wireless) trailers available for quick or short-term installations, eliminating the need for electrical power drops or pole installations.  Our staff works with you to position and maintain our ProgressWEBCAM Systems to keep you ‘in-touch’ with your distant site (or one nearby) from the convenience of your desktop computer, laptop, or cell phone. 

I could go on and on . . . but just CLICK HERE to get the scoop.  OR click HERE for more about our Time-lapse videos, along with other examples. 

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