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We’ve shared some of the Wall Displays we’ve created for our clients in recent years, but we do this more often than you might realize.  Good photographs should be shared – and not always by computer or online.  Remember the spaces you work and live in!  Photographic prints are NOT a thing of the past.  Flat screen TV’s are a part of our interiors, but framed prints are too – still.  P-Tn will take the professional images we capture and make color (or black & white, if you prefer) wall display prints for display throughout your office, lobby, or conference room.  Framed prints always look good, and we also offer printing on canvas, with or without a frame … and printing on metal is an option, too – for an industrial look.  Have a quick look at this intro VIDEO, then give some thought to capturing your next important milestone with professional imagery, and then sharing it with wall display prints.

This collection of images taken by one of our clients were each digitally enhanced, then laid out in a group collage design, printed, and framed.  The finished frame you see here is unusual, because the bottom center image is actually the restored dedication plaque from the original bridge structure that is illustrated in this series of photos showing the rebuilding of the structure.  A shadowbox frame was built to include the photo collage and the actual 8-pound plaque, to tell the story, and preserve this important milestone in the career of our client.

You and your company are reaching milestones with the successful completion of every job.  Preserve them with the photos you take or the professional images P-Tn can create of the finished project, and let us make top quality photographic prints to share with friends and clients for years to come.

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