P-Tn I-N-T-E-R-I-O-R ProgressWEBCAM Free DEMO

We’ve been installing and hosting our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Systems since the late 1990’s.  WATCH our FIRST!   … and now …  WATCH one of our FINEST!
NOW, we’re making strides in the use of these units for INTERIOR viewing.  WATCH our LATEST!

Once your building is basically enclosed, you are blind to what’s going on inside … progress, material storage, general safety and cleaning … all of that is out of sight.  AND, our popular Time-lapse ProgressCAMovies of the exterior build can be just as valuable a marketing tool when you show how the spaces inside come together.  We’ll add a Super WIDE-ANGLE INTERIOR unit to your Online INTERFACE for viewing and 20-minute recording throughout the work day, or you may only need an interior unit if you’re doing a remodel or tenant finish.  Another option is the programming of an INTERIOR unit for SecurityCAM mode, to keep an eye on tools and materials after the work day ends.

So, start thinking OUTSIDE the BUILDING BOX, and have us bring a ProgressWEBCAM  I-N-S-I-D-E  your building.
Our FREE 10-DAY DEMO UNIT is available now for activation on your KC Metro site!
There’s M-O-R-E* … our Visual Documentation services will bring a dynamic to your project ProgressPHOTO reporting that will impress owners and project team members with interactive access to vital and timely documentation to will keep everyone informed!
*Consider our P-Tn360 PANOS, too, for the latest in (interior) ProgressPHOTO Reporting, or economical AERIAL PANORAMA VIEWS!
All SPHERICAL ProgressPHOTO views open facing NORTH – ZOOM BACK for a wide view, or click and drag anywhere in the image to navigate throughout the image!