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This is how P-Tn delivers nearly ALL of our photographic & audio-video documentation! 

View this introduction & tutorial video to see our unique LINKINGapp All-Digital approach that delivers the Visual Documentation we capture to our clients in a user-friendly format, designed to quickly find and review photos & videos … and other documents.   

Our P-Tn LINKINGapp is a Game-Changer!  Seriously … does your current approach provide this level of ease in reviewing job progress, or pre & post-construction images?   

Of course not.  We’ve been delivering our LINKINGapp for several years now, and it has become the method of choice for all our documentation work.  Whether still photographs or narrated video, the imagery we capture is linked directly to your original plan sheets.  You simply refer to the page you need, and our links take you directly to the photo or video clip you need to see.  HI-RES capture allows you to zoom into the photos, and the video will use your standard player, so you can scroll to find the areas of interest.  Of course, the video delivers our professional narration, too.  The original imagery can be downloaded separately, should you need to isolate information or share what you found. 

Give this some serious consideration.  In addition to our decades of experience in capturing field conditions for PRE & POST-Construction records, you benefit from professional quality image capture, and you receive it all in a user-friendly package that will impress your project owner. 

How about trying us out on your next waterline, sewer, or street improvement project – or perhaps full site PRE-Construction on a building project?  If you don’t find our P-Tn LINKINGapp to be a tremendous improvement over piles of color prints, stacks of CD-ROMs, or folders full of digital files, we think your engineer/architect, and the owner will!  Give us a call.  You can learn more about our All-Digital approach here.

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